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InterstitiAd provide an ad format that go in between two web pages and serve Advertisers’ full landing page. Publisher integrating InterstitiAd to their website can easily monetize any link of their website without having to overcharge his pages with Display ads and keeps full user experience. Anytime a Landing Page is displayed the publisher gets paid (Cost Per Visit / Cost Per Clicks)

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Keeps full user experience

InterstitiAd publishers easily monetize any link of their website without having to overcharge their pages with Display ads.

Track your revenu

Get your own access to statistics so you’ll be able at a glance to see the amount you've earned, referring URLs and countries.

Simple integration

We offer a selection of simple to install scripts, so you can easily set up our format in your website and get paid for every visitor who comes to your website.

Fraud detection

Our Platform allows our customers to perform their business in a safe environment. The anti fraud mechanisms and the quality traffic avoid fake clicks, unsafe links and restricted categories.

Dedicated support

Excellence in service is our priority. Our account managers and technical team ease our partners work and achieve their monetization goals and respond to any technical question.

Multi devices

Our InterstitiAd runs on Desktop and Mobile web websites and is compatible with any desktop and OS, Smartphones, Tablet devices and SmartTV.

Publisher Says…

A great way to Monetize!
Every Month I get paid thanks to the great monetization solution by Interstitiad. I noticed a significant increase of my traffic revenues thanks to this integration on my website. Ads are not disruptive on my site and user get relevant ads in a safe browsing environment thanks to contextual audience targeting abilities of InterstitiAd.”
David Hoffman,

How to setup InterstitiAds ?

Setting up InterstitiAds on your website is simple:

  1. Create your Publisher account by filling the form below and accepting terms and conditions (if you already have an account, then go to the login page)
  2. Once your form is submitted, an account manager will be contacting you and will provideyou with a tag and parameters to setup it up
  3. Go to the tutorial page here or in the help menu in your platform to retrieve your tag and get the explanation to set it up on your website, this take only few minutes
  4. Once its set on your website, you start monetizing your traffic. Use our tracking tool for better optimization and make money from every user that clicks on your website links.

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